What did 2019 contribute to my creative journey?

What did 2019 contribute to my creative journey?

I dunno, but it was fun. My ‘ultimate goal’ is still shrouded in mystery but it is starting to become a little more clear after an eventful year like this. But I’ll never tell (teehee).



Looking back, it has been truly all over the place in terms of what I have put out and the ebb and flow of creative juices I experienced. I only put out a few personal tunes this year, 2 of which are style-studies of game soundtracks I like, 3 are chill/jazz/lofi jams with little to no form or exciting production, 1 ‘Dark” electronic song, 1 Chiptune, 1 Metal Track, and 3 indie game soundtracks. Suffice to say, not much of a plan there. I chalk it up to having a full-time job most of the year that included composing music in a specific style, and my off time became more about exploring whatever I was feeling in the moment. As such, there is a HUGE stockpile of unfinished ideas from the entire year, as well as old ideas from previous years that I have pulled back into the realm of the living, but just didn’t find the time or energy to finish off.

I am still not terribly sure what kind of music interests me most at this point. Trying a bit of everything is the best way I have found for now. The problem with this is that I get bored of one before it is finished and move to the next – oops. Going through my old ideas usually gets me in the mood to finish them and just get them out, but each time I set out to make something new, it ends up moody, angry, driving, and electronic. So maybe, just maybe, once I clear out a bit of the backlog – that might just be my new ‘thing’.

My full-length album still tugs at my heart strings often, and while it is probably about halfway done, I have nestled it down into bed to rest, be a good lad, and wait until I have an extended period of time to fully finish it. Plucking away at the songs periodically for only a few hours at a time at random intervals feels like a disservice to the past me that wrote the songs (which I still like a lot, although I don’t think current me would write anything similar to them), and I feel like the work that is still needed to be done on them would be best completed once my life is more settled and I can fully immerse myself instead of feeling the need to cut corners. The original plan was to jump into this process over Christmas break this year, but a sudden need to find new work and figure out what is next career wise kind of foiled that. Long story short, album someday.

I LOVE making music, I love doing it for myself, and I love doing it for other people. As an extension, while I don’t necessarily sit around making sound effects for my own enjoyment, I am infinitely glad that I decided to branch out into Sound Design as well, and I have gained a love for it in a much less ‘passionate’ and more ‘technical’ way. And luckily for me, as the years go by, I get more opportunities to work on things that I find interesting and bring me out of my creative comfort zone. For the sake of my sanity, I convince myself that this is enough of a ‘goal’, for now 😉




I like drawing. I have some specific goals on what I would like to be able to do. Striking, action packed, crazy poses, bold colours and shading. Simple enough, and we’re getting there, slowly. The more difficult question is ‘Why?’ I think the answer is the need to be able to create characters and worlds of my own that can be as beautifully realized as the ones I take so much inspiration from. So, that’s all well and good! And since this isn’t related to my career path, no stress, baby. I just tinker and mess around and when something looks bad I can just toss it away. A wonderful way at times to relieve myself of the worries of the world while exercising my ability to be creative. Looking back at my progress in the last few years from when I started to draw more seriously again, I can see a lot of improvement and my only real goal in this category is to WRECK THAT CANVAS UP EVEN HARDER this year.



So turns out this is really hard. I’m tryin’, I swear. I have ideas, I have characters I want to explore. What I don’t have, is ANY IDEA HOW. But step by step I’ve been breaking the ice. Reading lots more books, taking notes on how ideas and themes are conveyed, seeing styles of storytelling that resonate with me and the half-baked ideas that I want to get down. My goal in the next year is to try and form a few of my ideas into real life stories, either short stories, or combining this little venture with my art goals in the form of webcomics. So this one in particular has been the most challenging and therefore the one I feel the need to beat into submission the hardest, for my own purposes.


These are the things I have place an importance on following 2019. Why? I dunno, why not? Life is short, make stuff. Might try other stuff, but I’m thinking that at this point in my little strange life this is what my heart wants me to do. So hey, time to get some coffee and work on stuff.

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