Global Game Jam 2020

Global Game Jam 2020 was the newest in the series of amazing jams.
After a couple notably uncreative months, it was a total breath of fresh air to let loose and make exciting stuff for 48 hours. The theme was ‘repair’, which is fitting becuase something like this is just what I needed to help repair myself!

Continuing our long running series of collabs, my good friend Matt (mmattugh) and I worked together (in person for once) on ROBOIZ, along with artist Chris Chinkiwsky. The concept was that you are controlling ‘Army’ and ‘Leggy’, 2 seperated segments of the same robot that have been detatched. You can join them together (repair) and split them apart as necessary to solve puzzles, as only Army can pull switches, and only Leggy can jump. The end result turned out amazing, and I had a ton of fun making some goofy robot music and sound effects. See “ROBOIZ” in action for yourself here!

Farm Fight
This one was a pleasant change of pace. A quick and quirky little competitive game based around farming, and ruining your neighbour’s plot of land. I provided a bouncy little tune that was a lot of fun to make all around. The handful of Sound Assets I provided were also doled out on a tight deadline, so I was happy that they ended up serving the group well.

Divine Intervention
My friend Chris Mulholland was after something cool this jam, to inject a bit of philosophy/narrative into his solo game.
Had the chance to throw together some piano/orchestral tracks for the game’s cutscenes (and sometime soon I will be taking a post-jam stab at the gameplay music). This was a fun one as the beginning of the game is more bleak and depressing, while the end is hopeful. It was a fun challenge rearranging the second one on the fly to sound more Major and reflect that difference in tone.

Repair Me

My personal high point of the weekend, I spent what time I could in between working with the other groups on this small Synthwave inspired track. It was incredibly refreshing to make a song with the intent of going full steam ahead, no questioning musical decisions, no overthinking. Just to make sure it was done by the end of the jam.
With that in mind, I surprised myself with how complete of a package I was able to deliver under these arguably stupid conditions I gave myself, but that is why I think I will look back on this one quite fondly into the future!

In summary:

The next jam can’t come soon enough, as usual.

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