Connor Grail is an ever moving train of creativity.

As a prolific Composer in the online Indie Game scene, his style of production has been featured dozens of times over (and counting), continuing to amass a following within the gaming and electronic music niche.

Outside of this space, Connor continues to push his own boundaries with albums, building new experiences, and never happy to let things become comfortable.

Whether it be bringing his touch to other artist’s music, co-writing, and venturing into live performance, Connor’s signature hyperactive/hyper-groove electronic sound is sure to catch the attention of listeners.

A link to my YouTube Channel, which showcases a wide variety of the creative work I have done.


I’ve worked with countless sound designers and composers over the years and Connor stands out above the rest. Stick Connor at a desk, give him the right tools and he will impress you day in and day out no matter the style you’re looking for. Atmospheric horror, corporate jingle, heavy metal, squishy ink, or gritty gunfire he can deliver what you want, at top quality, and with limited resources. If that weren’t enough, the guy is also organized, pro active, and a joy to work with. Given loose guidelines Connor will generate an initial sound list, with estimates and share them with the team unprompted. Talk to Connor, get a sample of his work, and you’ll understand what I mean.

– Mike Baker, Former VP of Technology at Kindly Beast, Co-Founder of Karman Interactive

“Connor’s musical prowess is exceptional. Capable of hitting a wide range of styles and moods, he’s quick to come up with entertaining and enjoyable tracks and just as efficient to tweak them to fit the atmosphere or gameplay perfectly. A professional through and through he is excellent to work with.”

– Jon Keon, Former VP at Kindly Beast, Co-Founder of Karman Interactive

“I had the incredible pleasure to work with Connor at Kindly Beast where everyday he showed constant initiative to create the best atmosphere and results for our IP’s. Connor’s talent lies not only in creating and designing world quality sounds and music but his ability to bring a world to life. In the initial stages of preproduction Connor was able to envision and develop what every key element of the game would sound like. I look forward to any studio who gets a hold of this creator because no matter what, he will go above and beyond to produce the best possible experience.”

– Brendon Bauman, 3D Artist at Ubisoft Montreal, Former 3D Lead at Budge, Former Art Director at Kindly Beast

“I have had the pleasure of working with and being friends with Connor for almost 5 years now. In our early years Connor was first diving into sound design for video games and while I had just started to develop them in school. Rumor spread fast about Matt’s sound design friend and his work began to flourish in the presentations and pitches I had to do; his audio grabbed people’s ears and turned their head to tell them “Hey look at me”. I am lucky to continue working with Connor to even today as I think our games would be nowhere close to engaging as they are now.”

– Matthew Hobbs, Indie Game Dev at ‘mmattugh’

“Connor was professional, easy to work with, and he delivers remarkable results! Check out his work!”

– Trever Barger, Animator, industrial Zen

Every once in a while I’d drop in to the audio channel to have a listen at what Connor’s latest batch of clips were. It was really great to see the next step in the pipeline since I’d only ever get to see the animations play out in the viewport. Connor expertly anticipated the kind of atmosphere the game would have, despite levels not being any where close to finished. He brought life to animation that wasn’t implemented yet and you could already picture the scene in your head. He’s an incredibly talented individual, and I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a Sound Designer.

Belden Pham, 3D Generalist at Mercury Filmworks, former 3D Animator at Kindly Beast


Fanshawe College – Music Industry Arts Graduate 2016

Game Audio Design and Production – Berklee Online 2017

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