Sound Design

Middleware Implementation


I created this as assignment for the course Game Audio Production with Wwise through Berklee Online, using my own sound design and the Limbo developer-supplied Wwise project.

Angry Bots

I created the sound and music palette for the Berklee Online course game, “Angry Bots”. I implemented the audio with Wwise as part of the Game Audio Production with Wwise course.

Roll A Ball

This project was done for the Introduction to Game Audio course at Berklee Online, with a focus on manipulating game parameters. Implemented with FMOD.

Sound Replacement

Metal Gear Solid 4

I stripped the game’s audio and recreated this intense action scene featuring the cyborg-ninja Raiden.

Overwatch: The Last Bastion

I focused on creating some complex and mechanical robot sounds in this Overwatch dub.

Metal Gear Solid V

A more subdued scene than the above, I focused on recreating the dialogue, ambience, and score in this scene from The Phantom Pain.

The Witcher 3

I recreated the chilling soundscape for this cinematic from The Witcher 3.

The Last of Us

An assignment I completed for Introduction to Game Audio at Berklee Online, focusing on recreating the environment ambience and the main character movement sounds for The Last of Us.

Disney’s Tangled

I recorded and edited this for an Audio Post Production assignment at Fanshawe. All sounds and voices were my work, aside from the music tracks.

Featuring Katherine Fischer as Rapunzel, and yours truly as Flynn Rider 🙂