Sound Design


Sound effects and music for this pixel puppy adventure.


I made the sound effects (alongside the music) for this Game Jam project.


I stripped the audio from this cutscene from Devil May Cry 5 and replaced the SFX and Voice with my own work.

Kindly Beast

Work from my time in the Audio Department.


Final Fantasy 7 Collab

I did the SFX/Overall Mixing for Sevi’s animation portion from the FF7 Collab.


A small but charming Robot-based Puzzle Platformer.

Vikings of the Interstate

Sound Design for this scene from the webseries.

Metal Gear Solid 4

I stripped the game’s audio and recreated this intense action scene featuring the cyborg-ninja Raiden.

Overwatch: The Last Bastion

I focused on creating some complex and mechanical robot sounds in this Overwatch dub.

The Witcher 3

I recreated the chilling soundscape for this cinematic from The Witcher 3.