Video Game Soundtrack Compositions

A midnight romp through a dimly lit and slightly funky graveyard.

So much to do when you are feeling so chipper on such a sunny day in such a bustling city.

A handsome and honourable knight is you, the castle of the Wicked King Kale is your stop.

A noise in the night, a creak of the stair. Are you alone, or is something else there?

A happy-go-lucky jaunt through a pixel filled meadow.

In the depths of the Himalayas… there lives an Ox. And he has something to say.

Be careful when you go to bed… who knows what spooks and grooves await?

A cold and hopeless trek through a winter snowscape.

What can I say, it’s not easy being a Multi-Dimensional Funk Mastermind.

Starting out on a sunny day in a small village, not a cloud in the sky, and a hint of adventure on the breeze.

Just when you were about to reach the end of the danger filled area and save the person/find the item you were looking for… the nefarious Mr. Funk strikes again! Why does he have to own so many robots?

It’s been days of trekking through the harsh, hot wastes. But finally in the distance looms an Oasis, filled with buildings to rest your feet and fountains to w-het your w-histle.

Something’s fishy… reel fishy.
There’s something big going on with a juice heist of this size.
And I know the perfect man for the job.

Following the events of the previous adventure, the Funk Lord has reached the inside of the groovalicious black hole.


A simple looping, chill hip hop beat.

Soundtrack Compositions

This is the soundtrack I put together for “Vikings of the Interstate (Pilot)” made by the guys at Industrial Zen.

Quebec, a land of poutine, amazing landscapes, and unlimited adventure when it comes to the Conspiracy Canuck.

Stock Music

Very upbeat and cheery. Ukulele leads the track, supported by an array of other instruments, but keeping it light.

An uplifting while mellow song, with a slow build into a more energetic style. Hints of Pop and Indie influence.

A more relaxed song, with less focus on any defined melodies to create an easy listening sound.

A slightly orchestral song with an irregular beat.


Funk and action collide, the world as we know it is thrown on its head. Throughout all the groovy hardships one thing stays clear:
I Am Alive.

Original Song about global destruction, complete with groovy disco beats.
Look out for a new version of this on my upcoming EP, Annihilation!

The Lord of the Rings. A classic tale of courage, determination, and facing adversity. But most importantly of all, a tale of friendship. And synthesizers.

Everyone cries sometimes. For some it’s while playing video games.

Single performed by Fienness Mendoza.

Lyrics written by Li Eron, Music Written by Connor Grail

Electronic remix of my old band Full Year’s song “Memory”.