Sunlight Santana

Soak it in.

Synthesize Me

I haven’t been the same since the cybernetic reanimation. In a good way.

Drop Red

Can you survive? Or will you drop… red?

What’s On Tonight

Tune in at Midnight on a rainy evening…

Moon Lad

When the USA landed on the moon, what they truly came across was never recorded in the history books…

Call of the Cyber Wolf

Hear the howl in the distance, behold the power of its mechanical bellow.

Not You Again…

A midnight battle in the graveyard.

Deadshot Desperado

The tale of a true bandit of the west, a real scoundrel, a real gross son of a bitch, a right and true horror, a man with no morals, a dishonourable boy, a real yellowbelly, a truly sick individual, a real despicable asshole, a crazy INSANE IDIOT, and a man who deserves no respect.

But that’s enough about me – this is actually the song of Crenshawe Johnson.

The Ox Talks

In the depths of the Himalayas… there lives an Ox. And he has something to say.

The Grand Beginning

Starting out on a sunny day in a small village, not a cloud in the sky, and a hint of adventure on the breeze.

Without a Sound

Wandering unnoticed through an enemy base.

I’ve Been Spotted

Disregard that, they definitely notice me now!