Torture Dance Remix

Turning Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure into a rave.

Repair Me

Maintenance is key.

Sunlight Santana

Soak it in.

Synthesize Me

I haven’t been the same since the cybernetic reanimation. In a good way.

Drop Red

Can you survive? Or will you drop… red?

What’s On Tonight

Tune in at Midnight on a rainy evening…

Call of the Cyber Wolf

Hear the howl in the distance, behold the power of its mechanical bellow.

Deadshot Desperado

The tale of a true bandit of the west, a real scoundrel, a real gross son of a bitch, a right and true horror, a man with no morals, a dishonourable boy, a real yellowbelly, a truly sick individual, a real despicable asshole, a crazy INSANE IDIOT, and a man who deserves no respect.

But that’s enough about me – this is actually the song of Crenshawe Johnson.

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